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Prices for personnel training


The packages contain: First preliminary talk with anamnesis, body type determination, body circumference measurement, target setting, as well as nutrition tips, pulse measurement during training and final talk.

  • 1 x 60 min. for € 90 each
  • Package of 4 (4 times 60 min.) for 80€ = 320 € each
  • 8 pack (8 times 60 min.) for 77€ = 616 € each
  • 12 pack (12 times 60 min.) for 75€ = 900 € each


Payment is possible in instalments (e.g. monthly). The prices are valid plus the legal value added tax.
In case of repeated booking there are discounts after arrangement!


Price Lifestylecoaching

Benefits (in one month)

  • 4 training plans as pdf (4 weeks)
  • Communication via a google doc: motivation, consultation, training control, nutrition control, nutrition plan
  • Lifestyle anamnesis, help Integration of movement into everyday life, change of movement and eating behaviour, etc.

Price for one month Lifestylecoaching: 75 Euro (plus VAT)


Workplace health management

Prices depend on the selected operational measure.

  • 1 time per week company fitness, same course format (in own rooms) : 55 Euro plus VAT (plus travel)
  • 1 time per week company fitness, variable course format (in own rooms): 60 Euro plus VAT (plus travel)

The rest of the services are a matter of negotiation, they also depend on the size of the company and the need for action and are discussed directly with the company.

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