corporate fitness

Healthy and motivated employees are decisive for the success of any company. In order to cope with the daily challenges of your job, the physical and mental performance of your team should be guaranteed.

Why corporate fitness is so important…

Scientific studies show that over 80% of the main physical complaints are caused by the musculoskeletal system. These facts are supported each year by the appearing absence reports of different health insurance companies.

Company fitness saves money…

These facts clarify that preventive health promotion at the workplace is meaningful and necessary particularly for the avoidance of such illnesses and the costs connected with it.

ADVANTAGES of the company:

  • reduction of health load of your employees/inside
  • Improved productivity of the employer
  • Reduction of operational absenteeism
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Increased willingness to perform
  • Reduction of operational fluctuation rates
  • Improvement of the working climate
    Image improvement for your company

My concept of occupational health management is holistic. In principle, however, only individual components can be booked if required.

On the one hand, varied company fitness hours (Thai, Bo, Functional Training, Circuit Training, Bodystyling, Coretraining, Zumba, Capoeira etc.) are offered and naturally integrated into the company’s daily work routine, on the other hand, relaxing measures such as sun salutation in the morning, Yoga, Strech & Relax, Mental Balance, back gymnastics try to counteract work stress.
In addition there is the possibility to sensitize the employees with different educational and information lectures in the area of health: Correct nutrition at the workplace, correct sitting at the workplace, tips and tricks for healthy nutrition in general, 15min training at the workplace.

Within the framework of company fitness, regular running or walking meetings can also be offered and the possibility of a running style analysis / running style consultation rounds off the concept. Additionally can be prepared for special firm events purposefully e.g. 10 km donation firm run or e.g. a Capoeira demonstration practiced in advance with a Christmas celebration.  The individual measures are partly supported and subsidized by the Krankenkase, as I am a certified sports scientist.



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