Lifestyle Coaching

People’s lifestyles have changed completely over the last century. In the past, people worked mainly physically, or at least had to move from A to B. Today, every journey, no matter how small, is made by car and people sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours every day.

That is why it is important to integrate exercise into everyday life in a meaningful way and not to neglect one’s own body despite having a baby or doing a hard job. My philosophy of Lifestyle Coaching has a holistic approach and pursues the integration of regular exercise, sporting events for the whole family and above all the right diet into everyday life.


Lifestyle coaching can be booked in addition to personal training and includes a „lifestyle anamnesis“ (how many hours are worked per week, which routes are covered daily, etc.) and a nutrition anamnesis (tracking dietary and drinking habits, what and how often is eaten daily) and a training plan.

The training plan is created with the help of exercise software. Every week a training plan is sent to the customer and with the help of an exchange document 1-2 times a week the training partner communicates with the customer regarding the fulfilment of the training protocol.


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