Personal Training

The 1:1 training helps you to reach your goal or simply to feel friends moving again. The inner pig will be overcome and you will once again reach physical limits to consciously feel yourself and your own body again. The motivation of the trainer lets you outgrow yourself and you feel more energetic and fresh in the long run.

In the preliminary discussion, the ACTUAL state is first determined, i.e. an anamnesis is carried out and, depending on the training objective, certain parts of the body are measured and the body type recorded. Then, depending on the training goal and personal preferences, regular training sessions are carried out. The performance level or the basic conditions and prerequisites under which they found their way to me are completely irrelevant.
Also the training location can be adapted to your time management or preferences: oB. at your home, in the office, in the open nature or my given premises is completely free to choose.
Whether mum (training can be carried out with a baby carriage or in the presence of the child and even with the child), business person or teenager – I develop the right form of training for every age and gender. Training is carried out according to the latest sports science findings and with the latest or most useful training equipment.

  • Post and Prenatal Training
  • weight reduction
  • definition training
  • Endurance training / cardiovascular training
  • running style analysis
  • functional training
  • TRX Training (Suspension Training)
  • Sport specific training (gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, surfing)
  • muscle building
  • Proprioreceptive Training
  • Preventive and rehabilitative training (especially shoulder, knee and intervertebral disc)






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