My AWAD concept follows the principle of holistic holistically and is based on 4 pillars.

It is based on 4 solid (unshakeable) pillars, which are directly connected to each other. In order to live healthy and fit one should deal with all these 4 areas and let them merge with each other. To determine the respective body types (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) is just as important as to determine the lifestyle of a customer, to deal with healthy and targeted nutrition as well as to show the customer methods for stretching and relaxing his body.


The four columns are:


Balanced diet, fat is important, targeted and body type (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) fair diet, old nutrition myths forget to try out new ones, dietary habits track down possible habits change.


Anamnesis, goal setting, goal oriented and body type oriented training, creative training outdoor indoor, in your office at home, proprioreceptive training, functional training, rehabilitative training (especially knee, spine, shoulder), cardiovascular training.


Is state to determine, what does everyday life look like? Where can one integrate more movement, time management, excursions with movement into everyday life, fun with sport, strengths and weaknesses preferences determine, vacation with sport, everyday life with sport.


Proper stretching and breathing, coming down after work, mental balance, sauna, dream trip, yoga exercises, work-life-balance.

My inspiration:

get wings / get free / be inspired

to be in his midst / to be in his midst / to be calm / to be balanced


new attitude towards life / to be a new human being


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